Deep Water Ocean Current Measurements in the Andaman Sea
September 2001 to November 2001Andaman Sea

As an extension of the previous Sulewesi/Borneo/Philippines operations, Ocean Data personnel were requested to mobilize a current meter system to the southern Andaman Sea. Again, the possibility of internal wave (‘soliton’) currents required site assessment; Ocean Data personnel were requested to quantify ocean current variability these selected drilling locations. A current meter system was mobilized to Singapore, where Ocean Data outfitted a local vessel-of-opportunity and installed the mooring at the requested location. Ocean Data engineers were responsible for data acquisition system design, instrument testing, logistics, all field operations, data recovery and quality assurance, data reporting and project management. Two (2) locations in the Andaman Sea were instrumented (water depths of 1305m and 820m, respectively), with the mooring deployed initially for 32 days, then moved to the second location for an additional 31 days. In all cases, current speeds/variability were reported to the drilling engineers within 24 hours after recovery. All instruments returned 100% data at each location. Soliton currents were resolved clearly, and provided outstanding visualizations of these higher-frequency, episodic pulses.



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