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Ocean Data Technologies, Inc. (‘Ocean Data’) is a Massachusetts (United States) corporation providing oceanographic data acquisition services and support to the offshore marine industry.  Our work is global in scale with extensive project experience in the North Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, Australia, and Indonesia.

Founded in 2003 by Jon D. Wood Ocean Data designs and installs data acquisition systems in deep water regions, continental shelf, as well as estuary and nearshore areas.  We design simple, reliable systems that collect information critical to our customer’s needs.  Our robust mooring systems survived direct hits from both Hurricanes Katrina and Ivan during a measurement program in the Gulf of Mexico and, in the words of several leading oceanographers, are ‘the finest deep water, open ocean hurricane measurements yet collected’.  Our innovative designs also have allowed affordable, reliable measurement of ocean waves in water depths exceeding 1400m, as well providing the first-ever measurements of high-speed turbidity currents in the deep Congo Canyon offshore Angola.

Ocean Data’s particular experience in Indonesia is extensive, measuring ocean currents at over 50 different locations since 1999 in support of major energy exploration activities.  Nearly every Ocean Data project has resulted in data return rates exceeding 98%, a success rate attributed to our experience and quality management practices.

Most importantly, Ocean Data is proud of our zero-incident safety record during this time, which includes work in some of the world’s most challenging oceanic regions including the high-energy wave climate of the Great Southern Ocean, the Niger River delta region of Nigeria, remote eastern Indonesia, and recovery work in the Gulf of Mexico immediately following Hurricane Katrina.  Our attention to detail, simple designs, thorough communications during shipboard operations, and commitment to the health and well-being of our personnel and co-workers have resulted in this achievement.



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