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Jon Wood, Ocean Data Technologies, Inc.Jon D. Wood is a Senior Ocean Engineer and President/founder of Ocean Data Technologies, Inc.  He has more than 30 years experience observing and analyzing physical oceanographic processes, specifically ocean currents, tides, and waves.  He is responsible for project management, managing budgets and project schedules, system design and specifications, supervising field operations, safety and health compliance, as well as all data processing, analysis and reporting duties.  His breadth of experience in all aspects of the data acquisition process make him uniquely qualified to undertake the most difficult and challenging data acquisition programs.

Mr. Wood has served as Chief Scientist and Principal Investigator for hundreds of oceanographic cruises.  In the past 15 years he has managed dozens of deepwater metocean projects in remote regions:  offshore West Papua, the Sulu, Sulewesi, Halmahera, Arafura, and Andaman Seas (Indonesia), Makassar Strait, Gulf of Guinea, Congo River Canyon (Angola), Gulf of Mexico, the Florida Current, always delivering high-quality data to these projects despite the difficulties and risks inherent to such regions.  He also has conducted numerous coastal embayment and estuarine circulation studies, using both direct measurements and hydrodynamic models to assist evaluating water quality improvements.

Mr. Wood has published numerous papers and presented his work at many professional conferences.  He also has delivered to his clients an extensive list of written technical reports with detailed analyses of the measured data.  Mr. Wood has also provided expert witness testimony for several major legal cases related to ocean processes.

Prior to founding Ocean Data Technologies in 2003, Mr. Wood served as senior engineer and principal/partner at Applied Coastal Research and Engineering, Inc. (1999-2003), and previously as project leader at Woods Hole Group (1994-1999).  Mr. Wood also worked as an ocean engineer at EG&G Washington Analytical Services Center, Oceanographic Services branch, Waltham, MA, and began his career as a research project engineer at the Ocean Process Analysis Laboratory, Durham, NH.

Mr. Wood holds a Master of Science degree in Ocean Engineering (1991) and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering (1984), both from the University of New Hampshire.  He is a member of the Marine Technology Society, American Geophysical Union, and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.




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