Projects (Partial List)

Ocean Current and Wave Measurements in the Gulf of Guinea

07/2014 to 06/2015

Ocean Data designed and installed two (2) ADCP moorings – one of the continental shelf in 100m depth and another nearby on the slope in 600m depth – west of Lagos near the Nigeria/Benin border.  Wave measurements were obtained during the first 2-month time period only, and showed a strong swell from the southwest coupled with shorter-period wind waves.  Analysis of the data showed currents flowed in the along-shelf direction, either eastward when the Guinea Current moved closer to shore, or reversed to the west when the Guinea Current meandered further offshore, creating coastal countercurrents.  Performed for Environmental Resource Managers, Ltd. Lagos, Nigeria.

Ocean Current Measurements in the Congo Canyon, Angola

01/2013 to 05/2013

Ocean Data designed and installed four (4) deepwater (2000m+) ADCP moorings within the Congo Canyon thalweg to measure high-speed turbidity currents.  This was a follow-on effort of our successful 2009 campaign at the request of a consortium of exploration companies attempting to bridge the Congo Canyon with a deepwater fiber optic cable network.  Data return and instrument recovery in this extremely challenging environment was 100%.  Performed for MSTelcom of Angola.

Ocean Current Observations throughout Eastern Indonesia

03/2011 to 03/2014

Ocean Data designed, installed, and serviced deepwater mooring systems to measure ocean currents at numerous locations, including the Makassar Strait, Cenderawasih Bay, Raja Ampat archipelago, and the northern Arafura Sea off West Papua. Data return was 95+% throughout the project.

Ocean Current Measurements in the Congo Canyon, Angola

11/2009 to 05/2011

Ocean Data designed and installed deepwater (2000m+) ADCP moorings directly within the Congo Canyon thalweg to measure high-speed turbidity currents.  Numerous high-speed events were captured in high resolution, providing the first (and only) true observation of these destructive phenomena.  Performed for Cabinda Gulf Oil Company (CABGOC Chevron).

Tidal Current Measurements in Boston Harbor and Stellwagen Bank, Massachusetts

05/2011 to 08/2011

Ocean Data was part of a 3-person team contracted to install 35 ADCP moorings at selected locations for the US government’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Tides and Currents Division.  All moorings were recovered successfully with 100% data capture.

Ocean Current Measurements at the proposed Gehem FPSO location and pipeline routes, Makassar Strait, Indonesia

07/2009 to 08/2010

Ocean Data designed and installed twelve (12) current meter moorings in water depths ranging from 20 meters to 1800 meters, successfully delivering a detailed reporting of physical conditions at FPSO locations and along proposed pipeline routes.  Performed for Chevron Indonesia Company.  Data return for the project exceeded 90%.

Ocean Current Measurements at the Bigfoot Location, Walker Ridge block, Gulf of Mexico

01/2009 to 03/2010

Ocean Data installed two (2) deepwater moorings in 1600 meters water depth to measure current speed and direction throughout the water column for Chevron Energy Technology Company (US), including near-bottom trapped Rossby waves near the Sigsbee Escarpment.

Mooring Design and Operational Assistance to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, Gulf of Maine

04/2008 to 2011

Mr. Wood provided mooring design and mooring installation and recovery expertise for the GOMTOX program studying bloom dynamics of the alexandrium algae (red tide).

Florida Current (Gulf Stream) Monitoring, Nova Southeastern University, South Florida

01/2007 to 2011

Ocean Data provided mooring design, field service expertise, and data analysis services to support academic research monitoring of the Florida Current (Gulf Stream) in 245 meters water depth offshore Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  Data return was 100%, building an unsurpassed continuous 4-year record of Gulf Stream variability.

Ocean Current Measurements at the Telemark Location, Gulf of Mexico

08/2004 to 09/2005

Ocean Data designed, installed, and serviced one (1) mooring in 1400 meters water depth for 13 months, returning 100% data, including complete, high-resolution observations during Hurricanes Ivan and Katrina.  Hurricane Katrina passed directly over the mooring at the time of near-peak wind intensity, providing a high-resolution measure of the full water column response to hurricane forcing.  These data have since been used to assist development of new metocean criteria for the Gulf of Mexico.  Norsk Hydro E&P Americas, Houston.

Ocean Wave and Current Observations at the Amrit-1 location, southern Australia

04/2004 to 10/2004

One (1) mooring was designed, installed, and serviced in 1400 meters water depth in the Great Southern Ocean offshore of southern Australia for Santos, Ltd. (Adelaide, Australia) to measure through-column currents and ocean surface waves. Data return was 100%. Mr. Wood’s innovative design to measure surface waves in deepwater, as well as currents throughout the water column, was featured in February 2007 issue of Sea Technology magazine.

Ocean Current Measurements at numerous locations in Indonesian Seas

08/1999 to 08/2007

Ocean Data designed, installed, and serviced several mooring systems for Unocal Indonesia over an 8-year time period, continuously re-locating mooring systems ahead of their aggressive drilling schedule.  Thirty-two (32) locations were monitored during that time in the Makassar Strait, Sulewesi Sea, Sulu Sea, and Andaman Sea, collecting the equivalent of 23 mooring-years of data.  Seventeen (17) of those locations were in water depths exceeding 1000m, and seven (7) locations exceeded 1500m.   Data return throughout the program exceeded 95%.

Soliton Measurements, Andaman Sea, Indonesia

09 to 11/2000

Ocean Data designed, installed, and serviced mooring systems to capture high-speed soliton current phenomena in the southern Andaman Sea.  Data return was 100%.



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